Residency Requirements

Our By-Laws have recently changed the new residency boundary requirements are the towns of Pearl River, Orangeburg, Blauvelt, and Tappan.  Still included are any residents who live within the Pearl River School or Pearl River Fire District.  There are streets within Nanuet and other parts of Orangetown that are part of the Pearl River Fire District. If you have any questions about whether you reside within the Pearl River Fire District, check your tax bill.

We accepted applicants for the 2023 season. The current membership wait is approximately one year. We expanded membership over the past few years and this successfully reduced the time that families spend on the waiting list. If you need to update your contact information or you have a question about your position on the wait list, contact us and we will respond to you. We encourage all eligible residents to put their name on our waiting list.

Membership Fees

Membership Application can be completed and then returned by mail or by delivering it in person at one of the Board of Directors meetings. The schedule of meetings is listed on the Calendar page.

  • There is a $75.00 (plus tax) non-refundable fee at sign-up. A personal check imprinted with your name and address is the only form of payment accepted.
  • You need to provide 2 forms of identification to prove your residency. If you are applying in person, bring original documents (water bill, O&R bill, driver’s license); we do not need a copy. The information on the check and the ID must match.
  • Every year, approximately 30 names turn over on the Waiting List. In order to admit a new member, an existing member must relinquish his/her bond. Prospective members are called from the list year round. Our bond is $2,000.00 (plus tax).
  • When you are called for membership, bond payment must be paid promptly. Depending upon time of year, your annual dues may also be required.
  • Dues for the 2024 season are $910.00 (plus tax) per family. Dues are payable by April 1 of each year or the member is subject to paying a 10% late fee.

Senior Membership

Senior membership can be applied for by a member who has held a regular membership for 20 years and is at least 60 years of age. Yearly dues for senior members are half the regular family membership dues.

Senior membership should be considered carefully as senior members forfeit their membership bond and give up voting privileges. Senior members can still bring guests to the club and any children are considered guests.

We currently have a waiting list for senior membership. If you are interested, you can submit a Senior Membership Application or contact us if you have more questions.

Member Resignations

If you are planning to resign your membership, you should do so prior to April 1 each calendar year. Resignations received after April 1 of the current year, but before May 1st, will incur a $100 delinquent notice deduction. Resignations received after May 1st of the current season will be liable for the full season of dues. Your membership bond will be returned less the operating dues for the season and any other outstanding charges.

In order to resign your membership, you need to endorse the back of your membership bond and mail it along with a completed Membership Resignation form. Your membership bond funds will be returned to you without interest after the membership vacancy has been filled and the new member’s bond has been received.

If you cannot locate your original bond and wish to resign your membership, please contact us.