Swim Lessons

The club offers swim lessons for swimmers who are 4 years of age or older by September 10th of the current year. We try very hard to accommodate every child who wants lessons. If we have 3 or fewer children signed up for a session level, we may combine levels. If demand requires a different level to be offered at a particular time, we will adjust accordingly.  Please be patient and our staff will do their best to work with the skill levels of the children.

Swim Lesson Levels

The descriptions for the different levels of swim instruction are shown below. We encourage the level 5/6 swimmers to try swim team as they will get much more practice in stroke development.


If your child is not afraid of water they should begin swimming lessons at Level II.

The objective of Level I is to help students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely. In Level I, students start developing good attitudes and safe practices around the water. Students with a fear of water should take this level. This level is taught in the three feet. The skills taught in this level are:

  • Supported floating on front and back
  • Supported kicking on front and back
  • Introduction to alternating arm action
  • Bubble blowing
  • Fully submerge face for at least three seconds
  • Learn basic water safety rules
  • Become familiar with getting help
  • Enter and exit the pool independently using ladder

Children who are not afraid of the water should begin swimming lessons at this level.

The objective of Level II is to give students success with fundamental skills. This level marks the beginning of true swimming skills and adds to the self-help skills children may already know. This level is taught in the three feet. The skills taught in this level are:

  • Hold breath and fully submerge head
  • Retrieve objects from bottom of three feet
  • Orientation to deep water
  • Back float without support
  • Front float without support
  • Rhythmic breathing, with or without support
  • Jumping into pool independently in 3 feet of water
  • Flutter kick on front and back
  • Back crawl arm action
  • 5 yards front crawl using both arm and leg action
  • 5 yards back crawl using kick and choice of arm movement
  • Turn over from front to back, back to front
  • Learn how to get help

The objective of Level III is to build on skills in Level II by providing additional guided practice. Students learn to swim basic strokes independently and are introduced to new strokes and skills. This level is mainly taught in the three feet, but some skills require at least five feet of water. The skills taught in this level are:

  • Retrieve objects from bottom of pool
  • Jump into pool into deep water independently
  • Dive from kneeling position
  • Front crawl, using both arm and leg action with breathing to the side
  • Back crawl, using both arm and leg action
  • Elementary backstroke kick
  • Reverse direction while swimming on front and back
  • Learn safe diving rules
  • Tread water

The objective of Level IV is to develop confidence in strokes learned thus far and to improve aquatic skills. Students increase their endurance by swimming familiar strokes and are introduced to new strokes and skills. This level is taught in both 3 feet and diving section. The skills taught in Level IV are:

  • Deep water bobbing
  • Experiment with buoyancy and floating position
  • Rotary breathing (breathing to the left and right while swimming front crawl)
  • Dive form side of pool in standing position
  • Front crawl
  • Back crawl
  • Elementary Backstroke, using proper arm movement and kick
  • Sidestroke kick
  • Breaststroke kick
  • Sculling (floating on back while using hands to move)
  • Turning at wall while swimming laps
  • Tread water using three different kicks
  • Introduce rescue breathing and CPR

The objective of Level V is coordination and refinement of key strokes. Students continue to increase endurance for front and back crawl, while improving timing and coordination of other strokes. This level is mainly taught in the diving section. The skills taught at this level are:

  • Stride jump entry
  • Diving from the diving board
  • Long shallow dive
  • Breaststroke, both arms and kick
  • Sidestroke, both arms and kick
  • Swimming under water
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Front crawl
  • Back crawl
  • Butterfly kick
  • Turning at wall, both front and back
  • Rules for safe diving
  • Recognition of spinal injury, hip-shoulder support
  • Feet first surface dive
  • Tread water, using three different kicks

The objective of this level is to polish strokes so swimmers can swim with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Students will be expected to swim all strokes at this level and will be introduced to new and more challenging aspects of swimming. This level is mainly taught in the diving section. The skills taught at this level are:

  • Approach and hurdle on the diving board
  • Jump tuck from the diving board
  • Front crawl
  • Back crawl
  • Breaststroke
  • Sidestroke
  • Butterfly
  • Approach stroke
  • Breaststroke turn
  • Sidestroke turn
  • Speed turn and pull out for breaststroke
  • Flip turn
  • Pike and tuck surface dive
  • Tread water using three kicks and no hands
  • Throwing rescue


Sign-ups will begin after the annual membership meeting on Sunday, June 13th by a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost is $30 per swimmer, per session and classes are held for 1/2 hour a day on weekdays over 2 weeks. Payment is required at time of signup to secure placement in class.  Method of payment that will be accepted is check or bill to Member Splash account.


Visit the Swim Lesson Calendar page for details on dates and times. We will work to try and accommodate requests as the lesson needs of the membership change each year. If you have a specific request or question, please contact us.

Swim Lessons

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